Your healing work with Lynne can vary depending on your particular needs. She offers ongoing somatic therapy or short-term, issue-focused support for adults and children. BodyMind-InnerWork can be a useful complement to other forms of medical treatment or psychotherapy. Lynne also provides therapeutic massage and bodywork for elders to help them maintain a positive attitude in the face of aging and illness.

A compassionate and skillful guide, Lynne will listen respectfully to your specific concerns, comfort level and pacing. Depending on what’s right for you, she may combine dialogue, skilled touch and/or embodiment practices of connecting with the breath, sensory awareness and movement. Dialogue techniques use safe, gentle methods of inquiry to better understand past and/or present relationships and experiences. Hands-on somatic techniques, when appropriate, include subtlebodywork and craniosacral techniques that restore vitality, improve the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and support the body’s natural healing processes.

Lynne also teaches empowering ways to listen to your body’s signals,explore memory, dreams and imagery, and resolve the core issues and traumas that may be the basis of your current symptoms or challenges. Learning to pay attention to your felt sense (feelings, sensations and impulses) is an important starting place for your own body-mind inner work. By changing old and limiting coping patterns, you can respond more freely and creatively to the present moment.

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Lynne helped me learn to listen to and trust my body’s wisdom, and strengthen my resilience for handling life’s challenges. Whether through dialogue alone, or dialogue and bodywork together, I left every session with a greater sense of possibilities, gratitude for her skillful support and a lighter heart.