LYNNE ANNE SALMAN, CST, CMP, SEP, specializes in helping people recover from the effects of trauma and accumulated stress. A certified somatic therapist, she has practiced body work, body-mind therapies and meditation since 1970.

Lynne Anne founded BodyMind-InnerWork in 1988. She continues her studies in new approaches to the healing of trauma and stress-related illness, including recent advances in the field of neurobiology. For ten years she assisted in the training of therapists in the Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Certification Program developed by Dr. Peter Levine and others.

Involved in the pioneering stages of the holistic health movement, Lynne has trained with master teachers in Reichian/bioenergetic body-oriented therapy, transpersonal psychology and therapeutic touch modalities. She also worked as a somatic therapist at the Jon Kaiser Wellness Center, one of San Francisco’s largest HIV/AIDS clinics, and co-founded and directed the Healing Ourselves Center, a nonprofit organization that made somatic therapy accessible through self-help groups and classes.

Education and certifications

ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist
Associated Bodywork and Massage ProfessionalsGolden, CO

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 
Somatic Experiencing Trauma InstituteBoulder, CO
Somatic Experiencing® is a naturalistic approach to the resolution and healing of trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma.

Certified Massage Therapist
State of California, certificate #19206

Bachelor of Science in Somatic Psychology 
Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA

"I recommend Lynne Anne to anyone with health or stress issues, or who is seeking a therapeutic experience that differs from traditional psychotherapy. Her caring style and somatic work helped me integrate the many emotional and practical issues I faced with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction,
chemical sensitivities and fibromyalgia."

Project Manager
Kaiser Permanente