Does stress, chronic illness, pain or anxiety keep you from experiencing life to the fullest?
Do you feel overwhelmed, afraid, depressed or out of control?
Are you tired of feeling stuck or repeating unhealthy patterns?
Are you longing to feel more connected to your body, with a greater sense of well being?

SOMATIC THERAPY helps clients recover from trauma, manage chronic illness and pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and resolve problems that have intertwined emotional and physical symptoms.

BodyMind-InnerWork, an innovative somatic therapy approach developed by Lynne Anne, addresses issues such as:

  • Trauma
    - Trauma resulting from abuse, injuries, accidents
    , severe illness, difficult birth or medical interventions
    - Social and Collective Trauma - Histories of sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, agism, disability discrimination and all other forms of systemic oppression and injustice must be understood, and seen as context for our individual wounding and healing
    - Intergenerational Trauma - Unresolved traumas, and harmful or limiting conditioning and behaviors are handed down from our ancestors through the generations. These parental and family experiences have a profound effect on us. The good news is that as we become conscious of these patterns we can interrupt them and make healthier choices now, for ourselves and for future and past generations.

  • Chronic pain

  • Emotional distress, such as anxiety, overwhelm, irritability, hopelessness, anger issues, or feelings of disconnection

  • Grief and loss, death of a family member

  • Addiction

  • Relationship issues, including fear of intimacy or trusting others, sexual problems, pattern of addictive relationships or repeating unhealthy behaviors

  • Stress-related syndromes, such as insomnia, irritable bowel, colitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or multiple chemical sensitivities

  • Stress due to life-threatening illnesses, such as HIV, cancer, heart disease, diabetes or immune system disorders

  • Eating disorders or negative body image

  • Aging, body changes and other limitatio

"I began having panic attacks more than a decade ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Through the rest of my pregnancies and for years after, I was debilitated with fears I could not explain. Working with Lynne Anne, I have been learning to reclaim myself from traumas related to sexual abuse and other negative experiences from my childhood. Lynne Anne is a gentle and wise healer, but the key is she teaches me how to heal myself, and that is what helps me lead my life with more awareness and integrity."


"I am immensely grateful for your heartfelt, patient, and deep yet gentle work. You helped me recover from the most difficult physical illness in my life and the rough emotional feelings that I experienced. Your tremendous skills as a therapist and your warm, accepting vibrancy helped me to explore previously cut off parts of my life, and to continue my growth toward greater wholeness and depth."

Clinical Psychologist


Somatic Therapy
for Adults

Your healing work with Lynne Anne will vary depending on your particular needs. She offers ongoing somatic therapy or short-term, issue-focused support for adults and children. BodyMind-InnerWork can be a useful complement to other forms of medical treatment or psychotherapy.

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Somatic Therapy
for Children

Your child has a natural, innate ability to heal, both emotionally and physically. Lynne Anne can help your child connect with this healing potential, also called resiliency, and can support you to become a healing resource for your child.

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for Elders

A somatic and massage therapist with 40 years of experience, Lynne Anne uses skilled touch, including gentle massage and cranio-sacral bodywork. These techniques have been shown to be effective way for elders to to improve attitude, reduce pain, relieve stress and more.

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